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This is a Brand New Premium Quality Head Gasket Set. It comes with a Full Manufacturers Warranty. It is for the A4.203 PERKINS Engines with INDIRECT INJECTION (FLAT TOP PISTON). It will replace the original Perkins / Allis Chalmers Head Gasket Set in the following Applications :

Fits Engine Models :

PERKINS A4.203 ENGINE (Indirect Injection)

Fits Equipment Models :

Allis Chalmers FORKLIFT : 700 (w/ Perkins A4.203 Engine - ESN Below U74103CL)

Allis Chalmers FORKLIFT : ACP40/50D (w/ Perkins A4.203 Engine)

Allis Chalmers FORKLIFT : 40-50 (w/ Perkins A4.203 Engine - ESN Above U76357L)

Replaces OEM Part Number : 4222455M91, 69036, 746051M91, 83393, U5LT0509, 71-7

Specifications ;

* Copper Head Gasket

* Indirect Injection (FLAT TOP PISTON)

Engine Models A4.203
Industrial Tractor Models 700, ACP40/50D, 40-50
OEM Reference 4222455M91, 69036, 746051M91, 83393, U5LT0509, 71-7

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